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Cruel Gadgets Used On Dogs

People resort to using cruel gadgets on dogs to get them to conform not to gain trust. People want to control dogs and they have forgotten that dogs have brains and a wanting to be understood. Dogs get things wrong because of us and despite us get things right. They are incredibly tolerant of humans and time and time again get punished for being just dogs.

Electric or e-collars as people like to call them to make them sound less threatening,cause harm and distress to mans supposed best friend. Why are such gadgets allowed in English law is beyond my comprehension.A recent debate in Parliament has stated that they will not be banned(although they have already been outlawed in scotland a wales) Instead the manufacturers have to put better instructions for use. Where has it all gone wrong, people resort to cruelty when they have run out of options, what ever happened to good old fashioned empathy and understanding?

If a dog won't learn the way you teach, then you are teaching it wrong. Dogs live by very simple rules and trust in their family is top of the list. Why would a dog trust anyone who puts a shock collar rounds it's neck and fires bolts of pain through it,or feel any kindness towards them at all.They will respond because they have been given no option, they have to conform, they have to obey.Not because they respect or love, but because they are made to and fear. What a way to spend your life, worried when the next bolt will shoot through you.

These trainers who resort to such measures,need to learn how dogs tick.They are not thick they just don't understand or don't have a connection to their handler. People say dogs just want to please when they also just want to be understood just for being dogs. We try and turn them into robots that sit when asked, walk when asked and return when asked.Now here's a idea, why not just work with your dog and just for a moment try to understand why he is doing what he's doing? Then you may well come up with a solution that is not only kind, but that also works.

Dogs get punished for being dogs, doing doggy things and just because we don't like these behaviours, we try to crush their natural communication until we have a dog who is frightened of doing anything at all.Or who accepts the bolt of electricity as a part of life.I never want to have to resort to any kind of violence or dominating gestures to get a dog to respond to me. I want my dog to love not fear me.

If a dog won't change it's behaviour look to yourself. Change you and everyone and everything changes with you.If you find you are advised to use a gadget or a gesture that hurts or intimidates your dog, then get another trainer. People come up with an array of solutions to frighten a dog into doing the right thing. Just stand back and think a moment before you press that button, how would you feel. Dumb animals do dumb things, dogs are not dumb.

No living being is dumb, we just have to take time to understand them.Even if it takes a little longer in our microwave world of want it now, it is worth working for isn't it?

The joy dogs give us and the joy we should be giving them is worth slowing down for and thinking about.

AUGUST 14TH, 2013 @ 23:59:44 BST


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