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Dog Trainer, Listener Or Behaviourist?

Dog Training;There are so many different approaches to dog training, Some great some not so great and some very poor, dependent on the trainers. Some use lots of food bribes,some use clickers,some use force or shouting and with out meeting every single one I'd have little idea. What ever method, dogs are taught to respond to commands as sit,stay and heel and come back. In my mind there is a lot missing out in the understanding of why some dogs respond and why some don't.
There is a school of though, that if your dog is sitting then there are 100 things it can't do and in my mind the most important of those it can't do, is think for it's self.

Dog Behaviour : There are many different approaches and dependent on the behaviourist some great some not so great and some  poor. Again not a great authority on Dog Behaviourists, my limited  knowledge has been that they use a lot of gadgets to correct undesirable behaviour, that can become quite expensive. If you choose a behaviourist then make sure your price includes back up advise.

Dog Listening ; There are many different approaches and dependent on the dog listener some great, some not so great and some poor. There are many people calling themselves Dog Listeners out there it's just a name. As is PURE Dog Listening, it's just a name. However there are only 8 PURE Dog Listeners working, six of those in the UK.

The important thing about PURE Dog Listeners is that they tailor make the advise and teachings to suit your dog, your family and your situation and life style. You get more than one visit, invariably three or four visits or meetings. You have inclusive back-up by phone and e-mail. You get a completely bespoke plan of action and you have the Book " Why Does My Dog Do That?" for reference.

Pure Dog Listeners closely monitor each other and also have regular meetings and discussions. We all are very motivated and always on a mission to improve our knowledge and approach. We also have each other to bounce off as we all have had many years of experience with dogs in the home, rescue dogs and working dogs. The support we give to each other is real team work and we pride our selves in being trust worthy, compassionate and understanding both with clients and their dogs. We never give up and our aim is to make your life with your dogs the best.
So whether you wish for 1-2-1 help or join us at a seminar or meet us at shows or just follow us on twitter, facebook or via the news letter, the choice is yours. We welcome your comments and questions.

Pure Dog Listeners do not use pinning down or make dogs submissive, neither do we use manual isolation or use any gadgets that cause discomfort or harm. In fact the only gadgets we use are leads, the Happy At Heel Harness and toys, sometimes food reward but we phase these out if used, so they do not become the focus of a dog response. It is kind and holistic and it is not a way to make a dog into a robot using only sit, stay and heel commands.

Our wish is to integrate your dog into you family so you both understand how each other tick. Resulting in a harmonious relationship.

AUGUST 21ST, 2013 @ 15:18:05 BST


RE: Dog Trainer, Listener Or Behaviourist?

I would like to usay how amazed at the dedication and the hours Caroline put into helping me with my two bullish bull terriers. I can`t thank her enough.I can now walk them both at the same time which I`ve never been able to do in the past! I thought I would have to re home them as I am disabled I don`t have the physical strength to walk them without Carolines
help whent beyond the call of duty.
I thank you for your continued support and time you gave me and my dogs!looking forward to seeing you at your seminar
I Thank you so very much :)


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