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Castration and Spaying of Dogs and Puppies

The adverse effects of early de-sexing of our dogs is a subject which has engaged my mind and worried me for quite some time.
Although supported by many knowledgeable dog owners in my belief that it is very undesirable, the veterinary professionals (in most cases) see nothing wrong in early castration/spaying.   They cite unwanted litters leading to unwanted and often abandoned dogs, as the paramount reason for early neutering.
A good argument, and because I am conditioned to regard vets as something close to God-like,  I have always allowed myself to be overruled, but now it seems that my instinctive alarm bells are justified.
More and more veterinary professionals are coming down on the side of waiting for a dog to be fully mature before neutering.
They have studied "early neutered” dogs and have found a whole raft of problems both in their behaviour, their physical development, and in the illnesses they are FAR MORE LIKELY to be prone to.
It seems that the biggest internal system to be compromised is the endocrine system – which releases hormones controlling growth, emotional development, and the immune system.  The results of interfering with this vital system are well-documented.
I have no veterinary or scientific background, so would never presume to talk with assumed knowledge on this subject, but others with all of the necessary background HAVE, and have flagged up the dangers.
If you are in any doubt, or cannot be bothered to research this subject, ask yourself one simple question.
Would you ever consider (unless a medical necessity) allowing your children’s reproductive organs to be removed?  Would you give a ten year old a hysterectomy, or castrate a five year old boy?
The moral arguments are obvious, but you would also absolutely KNOW (instinctively, without any medical training) that their emotional and physical development would be terribly compromised.
Dogs are no different .
If you have to neuter your dog, do it for the right reasons – never in the misguided belief that it will cure all the problems caused by lazy ownership, and NEVER until your dog is fully mature both physically and mentally.
This is no longer my knee jerk, instinctive, "this can’t be right” feeling, it is now a well-researched FACT.
If you practice responsible dog ownership you will not allow your bitch to be "caught”, or your male dog to be the local Don Juan, and you can do your dog the lifesaving favour of waiting for the RIGHT time to neuter, not the most CONVENIENT time.

OCTOBER 8TH, 2013 @ 10:31:26 BST


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