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Halloween and Barking Dogs

Halloween and people constantly knocking on your door? Setting your dog off into a barking frenzy?
•I would treat this as a great opportunity to stop your dog going OTT when someone calls at your home.
•When your dog barks, he is indicating that something’s up.
•As your child or friend would of you didn’t immediately get up and acknowledge the fact that someone knocked at the door.
•So acknowledge your dogs vocals, he’s done a great job in letting you know there is someone there.
•Say "Good dog” and leave him in another room as you answer the door and place some sweets in a pumpkin or crack and egg over someone’s head!
•By doing this your dog won’t be frightened of strange masked children and adults at your door. He won’t be there.
•He will not feel he has any involvement either.
•If your dog is left in a room and there is someone else at hand, they can hold the dog calmly and gently massage his jowls or just place calm palms on his shoulders or sides. This enables the dog to feel calm from the person he is with.
•Keeping a very distressed dog in motion is a great help, so leading it quietly round the room or out in the back garden if you have one, with no vocals from the handler. The dog can start to feel the calm and stress free handler and not be clouded by vocal noise that could be interpreted as anxiety or backing the dog up with a whimper.
•So before you get all anxious about the trick and treating, say to yourself it is a good opportunity to show your dog who make front door decisions of who goes there.
Caroline Spencer © 2013 More information in "Why Does My Dog Do That” Foreword By Paul Manktelow

OCTOBER 8TH, 2013 @ 17:59:22 BST


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