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Dogs and a Raw Food Natural Diet

Why I Chose Raw Dog Food
By Jenny Golsby
Owning and operating The Complete Pet Company and Complete Canine Communication has
enabled me to meet beautiful people who want the best for their pets and are genuinely concerned for the welfare
of all animals. What I love about working at The Complete Pet Company is being able to meet and speak to people first hand about the problems their pets are having and working with them to achieve health and well being.There is nothing more satisfying than to have a customer tell you their pet is on the road to recovery. I was not so different from my customers all those years ago,
except that I didn’t have anywhere I could go to get the help I was looking for.

My story began many years ago when I rescued a big, bold and beautiful Great Dane named Simba. Among other issues, Simba developed shocking skin problems. It was difficult to pin point exactly what he was allergic to, but at certain times of the year his allergies worsened which meant it had to be environmental.

Contact allergies can be painful for the animal, and frustrating and expensive for the owner.
My visits to the vet always resulted in the same medication and pin pointing the cause was proving
impossible. Over time it occurred to me the best way to deal with his allergies was to fight from the inside and build up the immune system.Keeping Science Simple is what I do best, so comparing the digestive system to a motor vehicle was as simple as it got. A good mechanic will tell you the best way to care for a motor is service it regularly and use good quality fuel and oil. 

There may be some minor problems along the way but stick to those fundamentals and the motor will run smoothly. This certainly made more sense to me than the scientific junk pet food companies were throwing around. I began my research.Keeping Science Simple and Keeping It Natural meant going straight to the source. After all, the domestic dog is a descendant of the wolf. The anatomy had to be the same and the wolf has survived with what nature provided – right? So what does a dog eat? What the wolf and other canines eat of course, and that consists of muscle, organs, bones and nutrients from all parts of the carcass.

I was not about to let my dogs go out and kill a sheep, cow, kangaroo, goat or chicken so the next best thing was to imitate the natural canine diet, which is exactly what I did. Raw sounded difficult at first but it didn’t take long for me to work out that when the body is fed correctly the immune system becomes strong and able to fight. The diet I designed consisted of Meat and Fat, Fruit and
Vegetables, Vitamins and Minerals, Offal and of course Bone. To keep the food in its natural state and preservative free it needed to be frozen.

Within a few weeks I noticed considerable changes. Simba was itching less, his ears had cleared up, he had lost that yeasty smell, his eyes were no longer red, and best of all I knew I was on to something. I owed it to all my dogs to feed them what nature intended and being vegetarian meant it was important for me to ensure the protein source I was using came from humane practices, this meant that all the ingredients had to be human grade and non factory farmed.

Making my own raw food became time consuming. Every Sunday was taken up with chopping, pulping, mixing, cleaning, bagging and freezing but I’m not one to cut corners and the more I saw my dogs thrive, the more I wanted to share my success with other dogs suffering similar problems. With hard work, determination, and many ups and downs I was able to make that dream a reality.

Caroline Spencer writes : In the UK natural food diet can be bought and lots of books of how to do it your self. My preference is to buy Natural Instincts or Eden as My freezer space is limited.

NOVEMBER 22ND, 2013 @ 11:51:30 GMT


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