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Dog Attacks Killing Children

The week saw yet another tragic death of a child from a dog kept at her home.
So it was a Pit Bull or Pit Bull type.Years ago it was German Shepherds and Rottweilers, moving on to Staffie recently and the Pit Bull Type. At the end of the day these are all dogs, but with different bolt on. 
Let's not blame the breed here. The way we bring any dog up has a massive impact on what it will turn out like.( unless there is an underlying medical  problem) It's true the Pit Bull type has aggressive tenancies, but so does any breed of dog quite honestly to inflict fatal injuries on anyone thing, human or animal. The easiest thing in the world is to wind a dog up into a frenzy of excitement or anger, dependent on the personality of the dog.When we have a guarding breed it is even easier to wind it up to aggression.

There are lots of people out there with WolfDog Hybrids and to date we have heard of no issues surrounding these. To my knowledge these are owned by enthusiasts who know they have potentially dangerous half wild animal and treat them accordingly, abiding by Wild Animal licencing and sensible containment and understanding. Lets hope this breed doesn't become the next must have accessory. These dog fascinate me and I'm soon to meet up with an enthusiast to learn more and observe the similarities and differences between them and our domestic pet dogs. but I'd no way own one, than go to the moon.

In my line of work I see many aggressive dogs and these are generally born out of fear, fear of loosing space, food or a trophy. These come is all shapes and sizes right down to the Chihuahua. All dogs can bite and bite hard, but a Chihuahua is hardly going to kill you, but never the less it has the same intent as a bigger dog.

The people who I'm called out to see are genuinely worried about their dogs behaviour and wish to correct it. They have not purposefully made the dog the way it is, but that's what any can turn into if they are not brought up in a way they understand. There is no amount of sit,stay or Heel that will correct this problem and in my mind enforcing these human tricks in to a dog at an early age can cause confusion and resentment.

Sit, stay and heel and of course recall are all necessary in our world. BUT have you ever seen a dog ask this of another? No, would be your answer. They stay close for team work and security, they learn by example not enforcement. So with this in mind, why don't we hone in on their natural wanting to be with people and encourage this, encourage the inquisitive side of dogs to be inquisitive about us and what we are doing, rather than poking their noses into other peoples and dog business?

Remember, your dog needs you to be there for it, to learn to trust in your decisions. Your dog needs you more than anything, dog friends are fine, but choose them wisely, remember dog learn from experiences and watching. It what you do not what you say that really teaches a dog right from wrong.

FEBRUARY 19TH, 2014 @ 10:52:19 GMT


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