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These dogs feel vulnerable and it is for you to get them to look to you for support and empathy. They are not naughty just left with only one option and that is to growls, lunge and fight.

Aggression always is because of what’s mine is mine, whether that be food, space, place or possession of a trophy or person. 

They need to know you are making decisions for their safety and survival needs.

This begins when they are challenged for their food, in human cases this is brought to the fore by taking food away from them. Instead of removing food when you have placed it down when they are young and need to know they are not going to react if someone goes close when feeding, put food in the bowl with your hand, so you are a giver not a taker. If you need the food back e.g a bone, because you have to go out as it is not wise to leave then unattended with it,  recall the puppy or dog to you and swap it for a high value reward like a piece of chicken.

Teach focus on the lead to you and not let their minds wander on to all the sights sounds and smells en route. Work with your dog at home and in environments where it there are few stimulus’s. If dog aggression work away from dogs to get a great connection to you, before you progress further. When you are in doggy areas always have your dog on a lead and muzzled. Like wise with human aggression. You need 1-2-1 help as bespoke advise is needed. 

There will be other behaviours that will need addressing here also, aggression is not in isolation. Reading Why Does my Dog Do That? Will enable you to understand your dog better and to read his body language more effectively read Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas.

Many dogs are aggressive on lead but not off lead. This is due to the fact that off lead they can make their own decisions whether to stay or go if signals from the other dog are not to their liking or otherwise. On lead they are unable to do this, so need to place their trust in you to do the right thing by then. 

Dogs do not meet eye on eye, so don’t make them. Veer away from eye contact with their nemesis. Get them to look to you and focus on you who should be calm and fun. If you show weakness and fear then they will have to defend.

Take a look at http://www.puredoglisteners.com/blog-article/2015-02-59-dogs-lunging-and-barking-at-people-and-dogs.php  for lead work but you must understand it is not just this is isolation that will help you get to your end goal.
How you deal with their fears at home has a great bearing of how they react out and about. Teaching starts at home in an environment that is less stressful for both of you. 

Read more in "Why Does My Dog Do That?” By Caroline Spencer

FEBRUARY 15TH, 2015 @ 17:49:59 UTC


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