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Dogs and Puppies Jumping Up

Dogs jump up and puppies jump up to get your attention and eye contact. They want you to interact with then right now rather than have patience and wait for your invitation. They also jump up when they are anxious. Dogs read us in many ways and one of those is through looking at our faces. They have left side gaze as wee do, they can evaluate our emotions by looking to the left. Our right sides of our face is that which shows emotion and dogs have learnt this. Unlike any other animal on the planet including monkeys. 

As a puppy rather than tell him to get down or sit(.hes got your attention and will when push comes to shove do the same again.) just put his paws down on the ground, take a step back and call him to you. If all four paws are on the ground then he gets and gentle stroke and calm kind voice.

With bigger older dog then it is easier to walk into them, taking a step or two side on so their paws don't push into you stomach. When they are calm you can call them to you so interaction is on your terms.

*When visitors arrive have the dog in another room, ask the visitor to not look, touch or talk to you dogs when you let them out. They have come to see you firstly. 
*If he jumps up then guide him down, by walking into him and maybe have him on a lead attached to a Harness. 
* If visitors don't like dogs then they don't have to see them, it will make situation worse, so practice on the ones that don't mind.
*REMEMBER no vocals, no eye contact no stroking. 
* If they get nothing from this behaviour then they won't do it eventually. You must be consistent and do they same when they jump on you.

He gets you when all feet are on the ground, so remember even a negative or a command is attention, and making a dog do something, like sit, is actually not a natural thing to do for them. Dogs don't tell each other what to do, they learn by the others actions making them feel safe and education in self control and respect

FEBRUARY 16TH, 2015 @ 11:13:34 UTC


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