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 Dog Behaviour Trainers - Buckinghamshire - Helen and Dave Simmonds

Helen and Dave Simmonds - Buckinghamshire

We all love our dogs and it is so hard when we begin to experience difficulties with their behaviour and we don’t know how to deal with it and put it right. There is a mountain of information out there including books about training or behaviour and Dog Training Clubs. There are even training aids like sprays, shock collars and harnesses. There is always a relative or friend willing to give advice but I guarantee it will always be different and in the end people become swamped with so much conflicting information that this in turn causes confusion with the dog and will often make the behaviour worse.

Dog Listening is simple and effective. Anyone can do it and, more importantly, it works. We have all seen these dog training programmes on TV with the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen "Do not try this at home”. Well the good news is that we say "DO try this at home”.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a dog will change if given the correct signals. When your dog chooses to elect you as leader, there is no need for you to control your dog with orders or physical restraint. Your dog will learn the best control – self control – and will be relaxed, happy and a pleasure to live with.

We are based in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.

Helen Offers

1. 1-2-1 consultations in owners homes
2. Dog Walking
3. Promoting Pure Dog Listener Products at shows


Dave Offers

1. Dog training and behavior
2. 1-2-1 PURE dog walking training
3. Dog walking