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Dog Behaviour and Training Products

We have created products that help you get the best out of the relationship with you and your dog.

These products include:-

The Ultimate Happy At Heel Dog Training Harness™

The best dog harness to stop dogs pulling. The Happy At Heel Harness is specifically designed to guide your dog round to face you when he pulls forward. This dog training harness teaches your dog to walk with you rather than drag you on a walk. Work with your dog on this harness and you will gain that focus out and about. Made By Ancol Pet Products Ltd. Designed by Pure Dog Listeners. Patented Product. Design Right in Europe and USA


"Why Does My Dog Do That ?" By Caroline Spencer

This dog behaviour training book, explains why a dog does what he does and how to correct the undesirable behaviour and how to gain their trust, by being their best friend who undestands and has empathy.

More products are in the pipe line to help you with your best mate, your dog. So keep an eye out on my blog for updates and better still join our newsletter.

"Parenting Your New Puppy" By Caroline Spencer and Lesley Harris

In this practical, readable and entertaining book, Caroline Spencer and Lesley Harris bring a new slant to a well-explored subject and propose significant shifts in an owner's understanding of why their puppy behaves as he does and what makes him tick.

Like children, dogs are born without behavioural issues; it is what happens in the early weeks of life, and the way in which his new owner nurtures, guides and educates him that will enable him to become a well-balanced adult - or not

Foreword By TV Vet Paul Manktelow and reviews by Brenda Aloff and Catherine O'Driscolle 

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Happy At Heel Testimonial

I would like you to know how grateful I am for the dog harness.  It has given me far more flexibilty and freedom as a dog owner. He was absolutely impossible to 'take for a walk' unless the person holding the dog lead was prepared to risk a slipped disc each time. I am still in complete shock that your harness has changed him instantly. And better still he continues to be an angel. 

A chiropractor wrote recently that her number of revisits from clients has been dramatically reduced, since using the harness on their dogs.

Book Review

An excerpt from The Salisbury Journal, who wrote;
Caroline Spencer is Dyslexic and despite failing her English O'level six times, she has written "Why Does My Dog Do That?" and had it published by Constable and Robinson. "Anything is possible" she said. Caroline runs Pure Dog Listeners and is an expert on Vital Pet Health with TV Vet Paul Manktelow who has also written the foreword for her book.

Why Does My Dog Do That? has sold over 1000 copies in the first two months.

3 five star reviews on Amazon to date