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Ryan, Andover, Hampshire

``Before we met Caroline our puppy Jack was in charge of the house, constantly on edge he was losing weight and barely sleeping but within 2 hours of meeting Caroline he was relaxed and asleep at our feet, since then he`s gained weight, calmed down and is a pleasure to have around the house - lots more work to do to get him ready for the outside world but knowing Caroline is always just a phone call away gives us the confidence to carry on. Thanks Caroline!``


Jane, Salisbury, Wiltshire

My dream was to have a dog I could take for long walks and trot along with me when out riding. So I got a lovely little puppy I called Deskit. My dreams were crushed almost immediately when he started chasing sheep and horses and then lunging and barking at dogs from about 4 months old. He then treated me to a huge surprise when I returned from work one lunchtime and found he’d eaten the kitchen floor! He mugged all my visitors, bit their ankles, ate my shoes and pulled like crazy on the lead. We had no success, however hard I tried, with advice given from various trainers and friends; nothing was working and I was getting more and more despondent day by day.

Now at a very low ebb, I called Caroline. This was Deskit`s last chance, and I decided that If this didn’t work I’d have to think about re-homing him. I felt a failure and that I was letting my dear little friend down. Caroline listened and listened as I poured out my heart and then came up with a plan. It hasn’t been easy changing the habits of a lifetime (especially as they had seemed to work with all my other dogs), but change I have and Deskit is beginning to change along with me.

Caroline has been an endless support and the confidence she has given me has shown me the light at the end of my very long dark tunnel. Deskit improves daily. The beauty of what Caroline teaches is that I can now understand why he does what he does and when she asks me to do something, I can see the logic in it. Better still, it works! I feel now I am now developing a better relationship with my dog, and a deeper understanding and know for sure we will be together forever.

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