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 Pure dog listener Trainers - Hampshire - Wiltshire - Bedford - Bucks

About Pure Dog Listener Behaviour Trainers

The PURE Dog Listeners training is a kind and effective way of communicating with your dog. This method of training came about after many years of working with dogs and their owners. The Pure Dog Training team comprises ofCaroline Spencer, Lesley Harris and Russ Taylor in the Uk. Dani RouseHolland in the USA and  Sacha Beatson  in Australia have adapted various training techniques from within the industry to find the perfect solutions (they feel) for communicating with dog and owner, so they can establish a great rapport built on trust and understanding.

Click on meet the team to find out about the individuals that make up this unique dog behaviour and training group.

PURE Dog Listeners dog behaviourists are found in Hampshire,Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Berkshire. Just as important we have team members in the USA and  Australia.

If your dog won't learn the way you teach, then teach the way your dog will learn. If you change then your dog will change with you. If you'd prefer to come to or host a day seminar rather than a 1-2-1 consultation please get in touch.

Dogs do not have the ability to understand our world. Our world is fast evolving into a place that even we may feel is too fast and confusing. We are way over populated and live very in close proximity.
It is therefore up to us to ensure they trust us in a world they find confusing and can look to us to make decisions in a way they understand to help them fit in and feel safe.

By using the way dogs communicate, using various dog body language behaviours, in their fairly silent world of no speech is paramount to make this happen.Dogs have to become Bi-lingual as we do and learning our ways and our words, just remember that it is more of what you do than what you say. 

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The Five To Thrive

Five to Thrive in our World

  1. A patient dog during feeding times.
  2. A stress free walk with your dog / dogs
  3. A calm dog when we come home with bag fulls of shopping or work bags, it is lovely to be welcomed home, but not mugged
  4. A brave dog in the knowledge that we will sort out the scary stuff.
  5. A dog who will play with us, be with us and enjoy our time together where ever we are. Contact me with your query

How we deal with all areas of a dogs life is important. They all have a ricochet effect on each other. Settle a dog in these areas and he will be happy and relaxed.

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