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The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Providing a dog with the appropriate food means it will thrive and live a longer healthier happier life with you. 

I have advised a natural diet for dogs for the last 11 years having seen such a change in my own dogs. Since 2017 I have been feeding my guys Bella and Duke complete. It's so easy on subscription and never run out. I was so impressed with their approach, nutritional advice and customer care that I asked for a job. I am very fortunate to now be a part of the team and often are seen giving behaviour advice in their facebook group and writing blogs for their website.

Not only did their coats start to gleam but also was thicker. Gone was the doggy smell and it became a pleasure (don't laugh) to pick up their poops!  Small firm and unless I make a real effort to have a sniff, they were pongless.

I can say hand on heart that my dogs have not visited the vet apart from the odd injury since. My Spaniel is now 12 and my Labrador is coming up 15. I feel very blessed indeed. 
I not only changed their food but also now have done a lot of reading regarding fleas, worms and vaccines. As it dawned on me when I had children that I only treated them when they had nits or worms and once passed childhood core vaccines ceased.

I now use natural repellents for these little blighters and vaccinate only in puppyhood. There is a lot of research out there and fairly easy to find. Here is a link for you to make it easier if you're interested to know more about vaccines.

APRIL 18TH, 2019 @ 15:59:06 BST


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