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Rescue Dogs and Puppies

Rescue dogs  come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Many bringing with them a whole suitcase of  problems for their new owner, that, many times do not make themselves known until  the dog has been with the new owner for 6 to 8 weeks. It is lovely to give a  dog another chance but don’t let it ruin your life or make his worse. Look carefully,with an open mind and get help to find your new friend.

Group one

Dogs for Rehoming  of six months to eighteen months old...This is the time that a huge amount get  sent away, they were once cute puppies and are now out of control adults or  adolescents.

Reasons  people let dogs go, some are genuine but some are most definitely not. I’ve  lost count of the times I’ve hear that the dog had to go as a couple aregetting a divorce or moving to Australia. For either of these scenarios why can’t  they keep the dog?

People have  got a new puppy and nine months down the line, their working circumstances have  changed and they can no longer keep it.

Ok, I  probably have a warped outlook on this as these are the ones that I’m generally  called out to see as it is very clear that they were re-homed for unacceptable behaviours  ranging from Separation anxiety to aggression.

So ask for  an opinion from an un-biased professional to help you find the right one for  you. Many times it’s not easy and they look and act very different in the  kennel than they do in a home environment.

Group two

Puppies from  puppy farms and puppy laundering, bought by people who until I ask questions  had not a clue.

Many are  advertised on GumTree and facebook etc and for all intents and purposes look  like they have been brought up in very loving homes. Photographed on fluffy  cushions and looking oh sooo cute as only a puppy can.

Think of  this...why are they being advertised so far and wide? Anyone can put an advert  in a local paper and pet shops etc and word of mouth. The reason they are  advertised here is that they ship them in and ship them out quicker than you  can make a cuppa. By the time the last one has gone there will be anotheradvert for another litter with in 24hours. They may use the same name or may not  but the location is generally the same.

If you go see  a Puppy and the "breeder” says oh Mum is not here as she’s got a skin infection  so she’s staying with a friend 400 miles away...they are lying. Why would you  ship your perfect pet to someone when ill? Take a look round? Does this house  look like it’s been inhabited by a litter of puppies for the last 8 weeks? Someplaces are spotless and others are darn right disgusting.


Group Three

Ex- Breeding  bitches.

These are  bitches that get to a certain age and are no longer, a money making machine for  the breeder. It’s a mouth to feed and taking up space for a bitch that could bean earner. These owners dress the re-homing up to make them look so responsible  and loving. But tell me how anyone can get rid of a dog that they have had forup to 8 years, who has given them the best years of their lives and then be  cast aside when of no commercial use?

Invariably  these does have had no life except for in a kennel, never been for a walk or  seen the world from beyond the breeders home. How well socialised are they to  the normal comings and goings of home life? How well socialised with people and  dogs?

Not a  responsible upbringing, happy or fulfilled life.  Ask yourself, how ever lovely the breeder  comes across to you, do they really feel a dog is a senate being or using it as  a factory, then throw out when no longer productive?

Some may be  so scared, other jubilant others grumpy. It’s all dependent on experiences and  personalities. If you take one of these girls on they will need a lot of time  and empathy to help them adjust to a normal life. Don’t rush to the nearest  park within 24 hours, let them find their feet and know about home before youtry to make them into what you want. Just because you enjoy running by the  beach, doesn’t mean they will straight away. Take it slow and in their time not  your expectations.

Group Four

Genuine Rescues  from the UK and abroad.

There are  some fantastic rescue groups that actually work with these dogs and know all  about them before they think about re homing. The Soi Dog Foundation in  Thailand is a great example of one that does it really very well indeed. They  socialise their dogs and get them used to walking on a lead and much more.These dogs will have been with them for a while and time spent on getting to  know them and help them with the transition from street dog to home dog.


So where  ever you rescue from ask as many questions. If a dog is advertised as likes tobe the only dog, think why? Is he aggressive? If advertised as likes to have  someone with him all the time, he has separation anxiety, which is straight  forward to correct. So read into the advert and ask lots of questions. Can you  cope with problems that a rescue can come with, have you the patience? Because  at the end of the day this dog needs a forever home not turn into one that revisitsthe rescue on a regular basis for re-homing.


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