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Dog Training - Hampshire - Buckinghamshire - Bedfordshire

Dog Training using The Canines Communication Skills

Natural and Holistic Dog Training
and Behaviour In Hampshire  Northumberland, Australia and USA.

All we are doing is showing a dog, in a kind, calm way, using its own language, how to behave and give them sensible boundaries and achievable goals in a time frame worked around them, not us.

Your PURE Dog Listener will teach you to teach your dog self-control and to respond to you because it trusts you and wants to, not because it is made to or bribed to do a certain behaviour.The dog is not "made" to do things as it takes away the ability of free thinking, the dog is shown what is required of it, so it can fit in stress free, with its owners life.

This is communication that your dog understands, therefore it is a method to use for life. Respect and learn your dogs communication skills and he will learn to respect and feel safe with you, knowing how to fit in to you life and how to get things right. Don't tell him...show him how to behave, kindly, calmly and convincing with patience and empathy.

Yes, we do use words, we talk a lot and dogs know that. But when we ask a dog to do something it is going to positive, clear and concise. When a dog gets it wrong, we will put him right in silence so the message hits home loud and clear.

Dogs have feeling: they can love, grieve, trust, be happy, be sad, feel empathy, dislike, feel scared. They can feel alone, bemused and confused. How do they feel inside, I have no idea, but what I do know is that they show their feeling on their sleeves however subtle the message maybe. We need to look, watch and learn, then we will hear what they are saying.

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What we are aiming for

  • A patient dog during feeding times.
  • A stress free walk with your dog / dogs
  • A calm dog when we come home with a bag full of shopping or work bags, it is lovely to be welcomed home, but not mugged.
  • A brave dog in the knowledge that we will sort out the scary stuff.
  • A dog who will play with us, be with us and enjoy our time together where ever we are. Contact me with your query

The Five To Thrive in Our World

It is  up to us to ensure they trust us in a world they find confusing and can look to us to make decisions in a way they understand to help them fit in and feel safe. We do this by concentrating on the five areas that are important in a dogs life.

Possible Danger
Re-joining and Affection