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 Dog Behaviour - Problems - Reasons

Why Do Dogs Have Behavioural Problems?

Behaviour both human and dog is molded by more than one factor; they include nutrition, environment, DNA, medical issues,parenting and education.

In order for anyone or any animal to learn they must be right on the inside, so for me nutrition is key first and foremost. Our health professionals are advising to eat fresh and un-processed, low sugar and low carbohydrate diet. This should also be the same for the dogs in our lives. A diet free from from processed high carbohydrate diets, free from preservative and colouring's. A good wholesome diet feeds the brain and the body. With this in mind I have teamed up with www.bellaandduke.com the raw feed company based in Perth, Scotland. Behaviour starts at grass roots, get that right and then we can  educate the healthy dog with brain function and body functioning in tip top peak condition.

So diet right and medical issues addressed we look to other causes; The language barrier between human and dog, dogs get confused, so for us the approach is pretty straightforward, don't complicate a simple process. Bring your dogs up naturally and guide with kindness and understanding in an environment conducive to learning. Too much too soon with flood the living daylights out of many personalities. Embrace your dogs personality and let it shine through but being the understanding adult he so needs. 
All canine behaviour has a function. It is therefore "functional behaviour" No dog is born aggressive or naughty and so on. They all have different personalities and react to different environments and encounters in various ways. 

Embrace your dogs personality and show it you will keep it safe by what you do. Do the right thing when your dog is fearful or pensive, be that stable adult in its life, that will guide it with understanding and compassion. 
Dogs are are ill equipped to deal with in our world. They get it wrong, its not their fault, its just because they don't understand us and they are being dogs asking questions the only way they know how. If their question is unheard ( seen and understood ) by us then that behaviour will get bigger and more obvious and also more unacceptable.

I'm not an advocate of asking a dog to give a different behaviour such as a "Sit" I and my collegues are of the opinion ( and it works well) that you give your dog information in order for it to actually think for its self. So we guide and teach in a positive manner that leads to a dog having self control and belief in its owner as a true parent they can rely on always.
Children and adults alike present behavioral problems when they feel insecure, vulnerable or unsure; give them clear guide lines and they can relax and be themselves.
Take away the confusion and guide the dog into acceptable behaviour. Relax, be calm and above all consistent. We all get in a state when we don't know how to cope, some may shout, others may pace or be grumpy and the really unsure will just sink into a corner. Are we really that different from dogs?

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