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 Dog Behaviour - Problems - Reasons

Why Do Dogs Have Behavioural Problems?

Pure and simply, they have  been put in the position where it is all too much, due to the language barrier between human and dog, they are confused as to what is right and what is wrong.
We need to give dogs clear boundaries of what is acceptable canine behavior and what is not, but in a way they understand rather than barking human at them.
If we keep telling them to get off the table, don't do this don't do that, all the dog hears is a noise and just gets in a spin.
By telling a dog off, we are reinforcing that behaviour or intimidating it by a loud shout not to do that behaviour. The behaviour may stop, but you may well in the process flatten the dogs self esteem or divert in to another behaviour you also find unacceptable. With an anxious dog the reaction may well be to pee on the floor.
Dogs are are ill equipped to deal with in our world. They get it wrong, its not their fault, its just because they don't understand us.
For example a dog barks, we shout 'be quiet', they shout, we shout, they bark, we bark, it all goes pear shaped and the problem gets worse. Show a dog how to behave, learn its language and the penny will drop. There will be no confusion and no barrier to communication.
Children and adults alike present behavioral problems when they feel insecure, vulnerable or unsure; give them clear guide lines and they can relax and be themselves.
Take away the confusion and guide the dog into acceptable behaviour. Relax, be calm and above all consistent. We all get in a state when we don't know how to cope, some may shout, others may pace or be grumpy and the really unsure will just sink into a corner. Are we really that different from dogs?

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