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 Why Is My Dog Aggressive and Reactive

Why is My Dog aggressive

There are many different personalities out there in every living being whether you are talking about humans, dogs, horses sheep etc. there are the shy ones the full on don’t mess with me ones and I’ll go along with anything ones.

The aggressive dogs that hit the head lines are generally the Rottweiler’s and German Shephards. However there are just as many if not more aggressive little dogs out there, they just don’t hit the headlines because they don’t kill or maim. They still have just as much intent though.

When I am called out to any dog I ask the breed, not because I’m breedist ! just because I need to know what precautions I need to take, is it small and just going to scratch my ankle or would I end up in hospital with an arm hanging off!!

With in every breed there are different personalities and with in every litter also….as with children you get what you’re given but you can nurture and bring them up and if bad behaviour is set then you modify the behaviour so they can be accepted where ever they go.

Dogs will be aggressive if they are put in a position of protection. There are the personalities that wouldn’t dream of showing their teeth and just run off, there are some that will bear their teeth then run off…..then there are the ones who mean business !!!

Dogs will be fearful of threats…whether we think they are a threat or not. It is up to the owner to respond in the correct manner to show the dog that their fears are unfounded and there is no issue. If we shout at the dog to shut up we are only fuelling the fire.

Who is there to decided what is a danger, in this case it is the dog…..you have to trade places with your dog and show it that you can make the right decision at the right time to keep them calm and happy that you are there for them, not the other way round.

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