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Why Does My Dog Pull On Lead

Why Does My Dog Pull

Maybe you did puppy training and then forgot about it and suddenly your little puppy is now pretty large and strong and you only realised how bad it had got when you decided it was time to visit the chiropractor.

Your dog knows you're going to the park, so excited he wants to get there at double quick speed.

Maybe your dog is nervous or aggressive, so preoccupied with everything that is scary or he doesn't understand. He is trying to runaway / keep away/ attack, use his option of flight but can't because he's on a lead 

What ever your dog is thinking , he is not thinking about you and he is taking you for a walk or run! Movement is powerful and you are the one that needs to create the movement, so you dog goes your way at your speed.

Pain won't effect a dog high on adrenaline, by yanking a lead you will be damaging soft tissue round the neck area and giving him whiplash down his spine.

I'm not a fan of head collars as they disable the dogs natural body communication skills and they hold the dog at heel as more often than not there is still pressure. The back attachment Harness enables the dog to pull in comfort with some designs.

What should us use? The Happy At Heel Harness By PURE Dog Listeners. This harness was designed to guide your dog round to face you, stopping any forward momentum. Like anything though you have to use it as instructed, it is a training aid to enable you to get a great connection with your dog.

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