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Why Does My Dog Jump Up

Why Does My Dog Jump Up

Why does your dog Jump up?

At you or visitors or on a walk at people you meet?? 

Firstly it is not because it is pleased to see everyone..let alone strangers. If you or you children were to do this then you would not be very well accepted into society. So why do we let dogs get away with it? The common misconception is that your dog is so pleased to see people, well I’m sure not everyone is pleased when their best suit has to visit the dry cleaners and those poor people who are afraid of dogs, have to endure such physical contact with your four legged friend.

We teach or let our dogs get away with behaviour when they are puppies and then they get bigger and it's a problem.

Dogs will also jump up to get eye contact, to get our attention. 

A dog in a panic or a dog trying to take control of a situation, or mugging people as they have been handed treats by all who pass by?

It is a dog with no self control and is just calling the shots. A dog who thinks he deserves to be noticed before all others, rather rude in our world really, but if you think about it, dogs don't generally jump up over each other, they politely meet, circle then a little bottom sniff.

So why jump up at us....Because they are trying to get eye contact and our eyes are higher and they have learnt that if they do jump up they will

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