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Dogs Running Off and Chasing Animals

Why Does My Dog Run Away

As far as you dog is aware you are out on the hunt. But you have done the weekly shopping and you don’t need any extra. The walk should be a pleasure and time for play.

Your dog is most probably having a great time but he is out there in front taking the lead and you are dutifully following him. Calling and calling your dog who does not respond is only reassuring him that you are there and when he wants to, he can find you easily.

Alot of dogs will look back to see you are there and then carry on in the direction they were going, they are happy in the knowledge that you are trying to keep up with them, regardless of the fact that you are going blue in the face shouting for them to return!

We need your dog to been tuned into you, so he follows you on your walk and not the other way round. If you don't feel like rabbit or chicken chasing then the hunt should be off in his eyes and head. Mum says not today! and then to carry on for a lovely relaxed walk. rather than you dog on his walk and you on yours, wouldn't it be so lovely to be together and enjoy the company of each other? 

The first thing you will most probably need to address is how your dog responds to you on the lead. If you have no connection on the lead then running off is going to be an issue.

If you don't teach recall at home first then you're unlikely to get good recall out and about.

As with all behaviour problems it depends how long your dog has been doing these things and how old it is and what personality as to how long it takes to correct. Unfortunately there is no pixie dust  but with patience and determination we can work to correct all undesirable behaviour, if there s no underlying medical problem.

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