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Why Does My Dog Get Separation Anxiety

Why Does My Dog Get Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is probably number two on the list for most distressing behaviour problems, both for the dog and the owner. As puppies we can get into the routine of having them follow us where ever we go in the house. Simply by shutting doors even for 15 seconds between you and your puppy as you move from room to room, and make sure you call it to you for cuddles and massage on your terms, will ensure your pup grows up happy with or without you. If you are needy and get your puppy to follow you everywhere, your puppy will become needy very quickly and not want to be without you.

Why do dogs have separation anxiety?

They haven't learnt to be alone.

They need to be with you as have got into the habit of following you everywhere.

They feel protective of you

Just imagine if your toddler got up and proceed to walk upstairs, what would your reaction be? You’d follow to make sure they were safe, because you are their protector. Now if you then go out of the house and inadvertently lock your self out and you have left your young child in the house, what would you do? You’d most probably try and break in !!

So put it from the dogs point of view, if they are separated from the one they feel protective towards then that is exactly what they are doing when they rip up the kitchen when you leave and why they will follow you constantly round the house.

As you child grows up and becomes an adult…will you then follow them as they approach the stairs? No, you wouldn’t because you know they can look after them selves. Unless you show your dog that you are quite capable of being by yourself and so is he, then he will need to be with you and fret when alone.

You maybe advised to crate your dog, this will mean you kitchen won't be wrecked but the dog still has a big problem.

The important thing to remember is to have short regular separations. This is easy to achieve simply by shutting the doors as you go out of the room momentarily. Many dogs have severe separation anxiety and in order to correct this behaviour it would be wise to seek the help, read "Why Does My Dog Do That?" By Caroline Spencer for solutions or get the help of a Pure Dog Listener if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

This behaviour problem is solvable, hand on heart. It doesn't take for ever, it takes commitment.

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