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Barking Dogs And Puppies

Barking and Howling Dogs

As with any behaviour there can be a whole host of reasons why they do certain behaviours, we have to find out why and put an effect plan into action to cure it  kindly, with undestanding and patience 

Post flying through the door. What is it? Is it going to kill us? I’ll bark that’ll show him ! I’ll kill the paper, thinks the dog !! The the postman :)

It is a straight forward as that. Remember dogs do not understand our world and all we have, there is no reason why they should. We have to show them that post really isn’t a problem for us and we actually like most people who come and visit. If we make nothing of something it will become nothing, as if we make something of nothing it will become something.

If we shout and scream " stop it” the dog just thinks you’re joining in and rips it more or barks more and you end up with a hoarse voice and red in the face!

Lets approach it from a different angle and show the dog our gratitude for warning us of pending danger, then for us to take charge of the situation in a cool calm and collected manner that the dog, then sees, we are dealing with what he sees as a problem and giving him the back seat. What a relief the dog thinks!  

The poor postman is usually at the recieving end of alot of grumpy dogs, lets help the poor bloke or girl out and have control of those barkers, then everyone will be happy and rel;axed and nothing can go wrong.

Dogs bark at anything and everything, never think it is nothing, they can hear and smell 1000's of times better than we can. You'll learn your dogs bark and of course there will be the attention seeking one in there too, along with the happy having fun bark playing. 

Take time to listen to him and respond accordingly.

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