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Caroline Spencer And The Genuine Pure Dog Listeners

Caroline's Dog Training and Behaviour modification is a positive and proactive dog training method to enable you to understand and bond with your dog. We are often called a Dog Whisperer rather than a Dog Listener, but in truth we are dog watchers, it is what they do with their canine body language that gives us all the answers to communication skills.

There is a two way conversation going on between dog owner and  puppy or dog. Understand what they are communicating and then you can help them with a positive dog training method. Dogs do what they do because they are being dogs, they need  boundaries of acceptable dog behaviour to fit in to our  world and a K9 owner they trust.

Consistent behaviour from an owner gives rise to consistent behaviour from your puppy and dog. Look to what you are doing consistently and your dog will mirror that behaviour, good or bad.

You will find Pure Dog Behaviourist Trainers in Hampshire, Northumberland, Berkshire and Missouri (USA) and Australia.

Anyone calling themselves a PURE Dog Listener or carrying a certificate as an APDL and who is not on this site has not been through or continued in our ongoing training program  or has failed to deliver to the standard required and therefore not recommended by us any longer.

Dog Products

The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness

New for 2014 The Ultimate Happy At Heel  Harness ( European and USA design rights) designed by Caroline Spencer. Amazing reviews from rescues, trainers and owners able and disabled alike.

Why Does My Dog Do That?

Caroline Spencer wrote this book to help owners understand their dogs and create a friendship built on trust and understanding. Also Translated into Spanish and German.

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Paw'tected ID Tags

Paw'tected Dog and Cat ID Tags. Include 3 contact names and numbers.Change your details at the touch of a button. Affiliated DogLost with over 70,000 volunteers to find lost pets 

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