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No Pull Happy At Heel Dog Training Harness | Pure Dog Listeners

Stop Pull Dog Harness / The Happy At Heel Harness™

The best Stop Pull training dog harness is The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness NOT ONLY very quickly stops lunging and pulling BUT ALSO has the massive bonus of helping your dog connect and bond with you on your walk, which in turn improves off lead recall. Includes protective sleeve , lead which is easy to clip on and off. Instructional DVD and advice on line .

How to fit your new "Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness" (The protective sleeve is not shown here but glides over the bottom strap easily.)

ALSO WATCH  MY NEW DVD  www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGS1kdmLm2s

Stop Pull Dog Training Harness Happy At Heel (Design Rights and Patented), was designed by Caroline Spencer to help owners solve all the lunging and pulling issues they experience on the walk. 

Watch here to find out how to use your "Ultimate Happy At Heel" Non Pull Dog Harness

More Instructional Footage to stop your dog pulling using the Happy At Heel Harness


This unique front attachment harness comes with a lead and instructional DVD. On the inside of the packet there are also written instruction of how to use it. By using the Happy At Heel owners will be able to take control of the walk in a kind and humane way. By having the lead attached across the front of the chest, when a dog pulls or lunges forward, it is effortlessly guided round to face you and it’s focus is taken off the object of interest / fear back on to the owner in an instant, which enables you to walk off in the direction your choice.

By having the lead attached this way the dog is unable to get any forward momentum, giving the owner however large their dog, the confidence to control their dog and put it right, with little effort. The owner becomes confident on their walk and in turn your dog becomes confident in you to make the right decision in a calm manner.

We have had fantastic feedback since it has been on the market and owners are noticing very quickly that the dog is far more focused on them rather than what is in front and around them, making the walk a pleasure rather than a chore. Measure your dogs girth to get the correct size (from top of the shoulder under the tummy behind the front legs and back up to shoulder).Dog types are estimates, it is better to measure your dog to get the correct sizing. See below to find out how.
  • Easy to use and stops your dog pulling.
  • Attached at the side and guided round the front so dog gets no forward momentum.
  • Takes your dogs focus away from object of interest quickly
  • He will walk at heel beside you, not because he is forced to, but because you have guided him gently and it is a pleasant experience.

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Happy at Heel Harness

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How to measure your dog.

Small ( Jack Russel ) 44cm – 54cm
Medium ( Beagle ) 54cm – 73cm
Large ( Labrador ) 71cm – 92cm
X-Large ( GSD+ ) 89cm – 118cm



Received the harness and the book both so helpful and easy. Have tried the harness on both of my rotties today. l am disabled -and take them out on my all-terrain scooter over the fields and woods. The dogs looked relaxed and comfortable and l can tell the harness is going to be successful.

Most of the time they walk relaxed by the side - but the sight of a squirrel or cat crossing the road sets them off - Have spent a fortune over years on other stop pull gadgets - all l find the dogs can back out of. So keeping my fingers crossed this harness will be the answer. And so easy for me with limited mobility to put on and off the dog.