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Why Does My Dog Do That by Caroline Spencer

Why Does My Dog Do That?

Dog behaviour is one of the most complex aspects of veterinary practice. There are countless textbooks that can teach us as vets to do the most complex surgeries step-by-step, but some vets faced with even the simplest behavioural issues may be flummoxed. Owners and vets need not fear though, help is at hand. If you want a calm, well-rounded, loving and trusting dog, who listens and responds to your requests because they want to, not because they have to, you have to have two vital things. Firstly and most importantly you need will power, persevere no matter what, commit yourself and you will reach your goal. The second thing? Well, you've already sorted that one, you've got this book in your hand. Read on and enjoy, that goes for you and your dog.

It covers everything the dog owner needs to know about achieving a full understanding of how their dog sees the human world they live in. How to bring up a puppy and how to correct undesirable behaviour in older dogs. How to build a friendship of trust and understanding.
Many dog problems are covered including separation anxiety, aggression, jumping up, rescue dogs, puppies and lots more.

Author: Caroline Spencer.
Release Date:July 18th 2013
Publisher: How to Books an imprint of Constable and Robinson

Exerpt of Foreword: Paul Manktelow BVMS MSc MRCVS
Cartoons: Colin Shelbourn

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Why Does My Dog Do That

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Media Reveiws

Salisbury Journal Sept 2013

A DOG behavioural expert from Salisbury has had her first book published against all the odds.

Caroline Spencer is dyslexic and despite failing English literature O-level exams six times, she has written Why Does My Dog Do That? and had it published by Constable and Robinson.

"Anything is possible,” she said. Mrs Spencer runs PURE Dog Listeners and is an expert at Vital Pet Health, which is run by television vet Paul Manktelow.

The book aims to teach readers a form of natural canine communication to resolve issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, running off, excessive or attention barking, pulling on the lead, digging up the garden and jumping up.

"This practical, accessible book provides a unique way of communicating with dogs which will give you a better understanding of why dogs do what they do.”


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