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Children and Dogs

Children and Dogs respecting each other

The following tips may prove useful and should be highlighted to children at home:

  • Treat a dog as you would like to be treated – Be kind and gentle
  • Let sleeping dogs sleep, if you want to cuddle them, call them to you.
  • Even if he looks kind, don't approach him. If he wants to come to you he will.
  • Avoid things that might threaten the dog, for example, backing it in a corner, running or shouting at it.
  • Ignore an unknown dog and he will ignore you. Eye contact is an invitation to come to you.
  • Please don't pull it or step on his tail, it hurts and he uses it to express feelings.
  • Don't disturb a dog when he's eating and never try to take his food away - he'll may defend it, as you would your ice cream.
  • Never try to separate fighting dogs, go and get help from an adult you know.Whether you are afraid or not, never run away from a dog as he'll take it as an invitation to chase you. Just stand still and look away, then walk away gently,without flapping your arms.You have two hands, he has only his teeth to hold on to you. Often you may think he wants to bite but he may only want to hold on to you. If he does hold you, remove your hand gently and walk away from him.
  • Only play with a dog when you are with an adult - dogs respect them more because they are larger.Never play tug-of-war, it can get out of hand and get the dog over excited, which is when accidents happen. Play follow me or agility, both are fun and rewarding.
  • No two dogs are the same, you have to get to know them, they have to get to know you. Treat them kindly and gently.If you are expecting a few children into the house then put the dog in a safe place.
  • Over excited dogs and children is not a good mix, give them breathing space apart. Your four-legged friend will thank you for it

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