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Behaviour Training - consultations At Home

In home Consultations for you and your dogs

The  consultations will take place in your own home, with the other family members who are involved in your dog's care. This is the environment in which you and your dog are most at ease, the basis of a good learning experience for all of you.
  • We will spend about four to five hours with you explaining how PURE dog listening works.

  • Explain why your dog is misbehaving and how to sort out these behaviour problems your dog is experiencing.

  • Also giving you ample opportunity to ask as many questions as you need answered.

  • Whether you have one or more dogs the price remains the same.

  • You will be left with a short plan for you to refer to when needed of all that was discussed in the consultation. And the Book or opportunity to buy "Why Does My Dog Do That?" written by Caroline Spencer, foreword By TV Vet Paul Manktelow. And information on the Happy At Heel Harness.
  • Back-up by phone and e-mail. For at least three months following the  consultation you are encouraged to keep in contact with your Listener so advice can be given and solutions achieved as behaviour changes.

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