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Christmas Festivities And Keeping Your Dogs Happy And Safe

This is a time of change within the household, decorations going up, parcels being packed and kiddies and many adults getting well into the Xmas spirit. Lots of over excitement and rather chaotic in many ways.

This is the time that the animals in our homes may well become rather confused and discombobulated ! A tree and decorations suddenly arriving in the house may cause anxiety for our dogs particularly. They like things just so and change is difficult for many to comprehend. Be understanding if out of the blue your dog cocks his leg on the tree you just brought in, it's out of place and accidents happen with the best intentions. Clear up the mess with out a fuss and when your dog pees outside next time, pop him a food reward.

Dogs will mirror our emotions so if all around is going rather mental in their eyes, they may well join in, sometimes being rather unhelpful and race around the house with tinsel, others who find the whole thing rather too much, will go take themselves off to a quieter area, Let them rest away from it all and like wise if your dog is going over the top , then a quiet space will be very welcome for him.

If you are entertaining over Christmas be aware that not everyone likes dogs and not all dogs like all humans, particularly when they are rowdy. Give your dog a space away from it all, where he can rest and relax. There will be time for walks and plays, but do not force your dog to be with you all day, if they pace and pant your dog or puppy is indicating their stress in the situation.

Food has to be kept out of the way of your dogs and puppies, many of our rich foods we have a Christmas are poisonous to dogs. 

The darker the chocolate the more theobromine it has and the more deadly.
Raisins, sultanas and grapes, so watch the Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies.
Xylitol is a sweetener that is poisonous and found in many sweets and soft drinks
Macadamia and walnuts
Some varieties of mushrooms
Cooked bones from your turkey 
Salt is not good either so if you do give a turkey treat do not smother it with your gravy.
And of course Alcohol

Have a very Happy and safe Christmas

DECEMBER 8TH, 2014 @ 14:57:52 GMT


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