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A Thought Provoking Poem About Attacks On Guide Dogs

Did I Look At You Wrong?
So explain to me please why you thought it ok,
To let your dog go for me while out today.
Why you watched as it bit me and wouldn't release,
Please explain why your dog was allowed off its leash.
Did I look at you wrong, did I get in your way?
To make your dog do this to me, today?
He tore at my fur and sunk his teeth tight,
my owner was screaming with all of his might.
I cried and I yelped but your dog carried on,
till someone stepped in and at last it was done.
I'm bleeding and bruised as I stare at the vet,
and count all the stitches and jabs I'll now get.
My skin will soon heal, my scars will soon fade,
but the nightmares continue, the dreams that you made.
You've taken the freedom from my owner as well,
and the future for me, well no one can tell.
I'm too scared to go out, can no longer guide,
can't take my owner out now by side.
He's lost without me, but is scared for me too.
So please tell me exactly what we did to you.
My owner couldn't see you, nor knew your name,
but you decided to do this all just the same.
Did you think this was funny, a sport good to view,
did you train that poor dog to attack just for you.
If you knew he was angry and wanted to fight,
why wasn't he muzzled and on a lead tight.
Please tell me you're sorry for the plight you have made,
to me and my owner, the price we have paid.
Your dog may not know what he did was so bad,
but when the law changes it's you who'll be sad.
Love guide dog puppy Apollo xx
(typed out by my puppy walker Penny)

APRIL 7TH, 2014 @ 11:01:21 BST


RE: A Thought Provoking Poem About Attacks On Guide Dogs

dogs get a bad name but it is the owener fault, bring back dog licence, make owners more responsable.
law to say all dogs must be on a lead or harness. love the poem.


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