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The Most Important Aid in Training dogs is...

The most important training aid at your disposal for training dogs is YOU forget leads, harnesses, clickers and treats and most definitely not force or control.

Dogs and puppies respond to your body language 24/7 it what you do not what you say that gets them to truly understand and respond to you.

Try standing up right and calling your dog, then try crouching turning side on and with intermittent eye contact, the difference is astounding.

Walking, playing and massaging your dog should be a pleasure for both and the way you do this makes a huge difference to your bond. The way dogs communicate is non verbal. When teaching anything to your canine companion look to how you approach the task not your spoken word. We bring in words so they learn when not looking to you what they are asked to do, but when you have their attention make sure you DO the right thing.

If they get it wrong, look to yourself alone.

Giving prolonged eye contact is intimidating to many even if they know you. Calling and walking away with no extra bodily encouragement will soon result in a poor recall.

Dog training is too focused on tasks and control in my opinion. Many go to classes and learn the usual tedious sit stay and heel with no grounding of understanding for the dog. Dogs and Puppys learn the bulk of their behavior when you are not formally training them and this is when many problems arise. 

Separation Anxiety rears its head as we look to our dogs when we get up from a chair or leave a room and walk away, this is an indication to follow, you want and need them with you is whats being transmitted. 

Dogs and puppies invariably start backing off from cuddles and massage as we continually look them in the eye with what we think of as a loving eye contact...try staring one of your friends in the eye for any length of time with out breaking the eye contact!

Dogs read us so well and like us have left side gauze, they look left of our faces to read our emotions. 

Dogs are very forgiving of us daft humans and put up with a lot. Do your dog a favour and start reading his body language and see how he responds to you  non verbally, verbally and with touch.

Our vocals many times cloud the message we want to portray, look to what you are doing. Are you inviting, giving intermittent eye contact are you at their level and facing side on? are you constantly chattering to them? Silence is a great too as well as your body language.

Don't bug your dog verbally to do anything, they learn to back off as they are either worried or confused. Dogs naturally are very inquisitive, dogs with poor recall can be taught to come when called if you do not say...so call and run away ( movement is what gets  them exited and motivated) Dogs generally just get on with their own business they approach another out of curiosity if the other has his nose down a hole or is digging. The one being approached will either rebuff the interloper or welcome them...make it your choice. If you want interaction then call and turn as they approach other wise just simply guide away with you arm or step away with no eye contact.

Be savvy with dog talk and you'll make a great pal of Fido.


SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2015 @ 9:06:04 BST


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