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What should you expect from a Dog Walker and Doggy Day care?

What should you expect from a Dog Walker and Doggy Day care?

I would do and need to know the following

If I needed a dog walker I would interview them as much as I'd interview teachers from a new school for my children.
Go and see how they work and where they walk the dogs.
How well they work with the dogs and do they have oodles of patience and understanding.
Do they do 1-2-1 dog walking.
Do they have references.
Have they done any courses or been on seminars about dog behaviour.
Ask about what they would do in case of an emergency treatment, have they done a dog first aid course and which vet would they use?

I would expect them not to walk more than four dogs at a time 
Have professional insurance
Police checked
Own well behaved dogs themselves
Match personalities of dogs walked together not the location.
I'd like to meet the dogs mine would be walked with and walk out on a few walks with them all, so I'm happy my dog is happy.

You are putting your beloved pet with a stranger, make sure that person is really up to the job.
Dog walking is not a way to make a quick buck...it is not easy and you could be putting your dog in an uncomfortable situation.

Walks are supposed to be fun, so ensure your dog walker knows what they are doing and that they walk your dog in a safe place with safe friends.

The really great dog walkers will towel your dog down after the walk, make sure it has water and be calm and un rushed. 

Doggy Day care centers are becoming popular too. Go and see for yourself what goes on. Are the dogs all in together or are they matched with dogs they get on with. There should be all day supervision.Check then out as you would a school for your child.

NOVEMBER 25TH, 2013 @ 15:57:50 GMT


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