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Dog Behaviourist Trainer Northumberland -Alnwick-Morpeth

Caroline Spencer -Alnwick-Northumberland-UK

Caroline Spencer Author of "Why Does My Dog Do That?" Released December 2013 and Co Author with Lesley Harris of "Parenting Your New Puppy" out April 2016,Caroline also designed The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness ( made by Ancol Pet Products Ltd) which is side attachment and guides a pulling dog round to help you connect on your lead walk. This has the added benefit in also improving recall when off lead when done correctly.

Caroline set up and has been running Pure Dog Listeners since 2009 and is very fortunate to work with several like minded behaviorists to help put the word out and work with dogs in more areas.

Caroline is based in Northumberland and covers surrounding areas including Alnwick,Morpeth,Berwick,Edinburgh. Caroline travels into other areas in North East so just ask.

Carolines’ past experience covers the pet dog training and working dog training. She had been taught traditional methods using the dog sit, dog stay and dog heel, treat training, non treat training, nor clicker training. This she found very limiting and felt she was teaching dogs to run before they could walk.

Caroline felt she was making a dog to do things with out any good reason. Why should a dog heel? Why should a dog sit? She was forcing her will on to a living being, when that being had no way of understanding why it was being told to do such things..all of which worked against its natural instincts not with them.

So many limiting beliefs were put her way and she began to question many. An example she questioned was: You can’t train a dog after it is 2yrs old. If that were the case then all humans would have to stop education at 20 yrs as they were past learning, we learn throughout our lives, so why shouldn’t dogs if you put them in the right environment, with the right teacher who has empathy and is consistent in their approach .

We have learnt to bridge that gap between human and dog, so we get along just fine. Understanding why a dog does what he does is paramount. There is not a naughty dog out there, there are most definitely confused dogs though.

Caroline has written "Why Does My Dog Do That?" Published by Constable and Robinson in the hopes she can reach more people and inspire and give them confidence, to mead those issues with their dogs they thought were impossible to sort.

Caroline is co Author of "Parenting You New Puppy" along side Lesley Harris of PDL.

Her Ultimate Happy At Heel Dog Harness made by Ancol continues to be a great success and stocked in stocked in the USA By Dani and in Australia by Sacha.

Alnwick, Northumberland
07789 777407

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  • Caroline has appeared on The Chrissy B TV show talking about her book "Why Does My Dog Do That?" about correcting dog behaviour.
  • She is a regular on Talk Radio Europe, Radio Solent with Julian Clegg and writes articles for Vital Pet Health headed by Paul Manktelow.
  • Her recent project involves her with Doglost and Guide Dogs reuniting owners with their lost pets.
  • Caroline works with a huge number of dogs and her work with  rescue dogs and assistance dogs has helped her move forward in the understanding of relationships between us and our canine friends. Helping them forge a lasting, trusting bond with their new owners.

Caroline Offers

  1. 1-2-1 consultations In Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset
  2. Talks and seminars
  3. Vet practice help and advice
  4. Boarding Kennel help and advice
  5. Rescue Kennels help and advice
  6. Country shows Demonstrating the Happy At Heel Harness
  7. Radio and TV work on dog behaviour