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Dog Behaviourist Hampshire, Dog Trainer Southampton

Russ Taylor - Hampshire - Surrey

I have been around dogs all my life and always been passionate about their welfare, from the inside out. I have a passion for big dogs and I myself have a ridgeback called Kizzy.

I spent many years researching dog behaviour and read many books on the subject. Volunteering at a local rescue centre to help rehabilitate troubled dogs.

I was drawn to PURE Dog Listening as it was a no gimmick training method. I've never been into gadgets much, apart from a lead and a collar or harness of course. Having read the book and done the training with Caroline, it all fell into place, it was the missing link for me and have not looked back. I continue learning as we all do by reading and researching.

One of my passions is to study the food we give our dogs and now being a father I wish to move out and educate children in schools about dogs and being safe around them.

The great thing about working as a team, is that we support and help each other along the way. Although the frame work of the five is sacrosanct, we need to be inventive many times to fit the right solution to the dog. Thinking on your feet and working out what is best for each individual dog and family is paramount.

Tel: 07875 24651

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I have been PURE Dog Listener for 2 years and since having learnt of how dogs tick, I've become even more interested in the whole holistic approach, it has lead me into studying the food we give them.

I have recently beome a father and this has inspired me to move forward to teaching children in schools how to be safe arounhd dog they know and do not know.

Russ Offers

  1. 1-2-1 consultations in Southampton, Bournemouth, Romsey and Portsmouth in Hampshire
  2. In the process of preparing a children and dogs talk for schools