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Sacha Beatson - Pure Dog Listeners - Australia

Sacha Beatson APDL Australia

Sacha Beatson has been working with dogs and their owners for most of her life, spending four years also working in the UK as a veterinary nurse. During this time Sacha received a certificate for compainion Animal Behaviour from the BVNA ( British Veterinary Nursing Association.)   

A move to Australia in 2002 and she set out to help more people transform their dogs behaviour and since 2006 has being working professionally as a Dog Listener. We are thrilled to have Sacha join the Pure Dog Listening Team flying the flag down under.

Sacha is in close contact with the Team in the UK as we strive to make the world a better place for our canine companions. Than goodness for Skype.

Sacha Stocks The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness Designed by Caroline Spencer  and "Why Does My Dog Do That?" Written by Caroline. 

So get in touch with Sacha on her website below, we are thrilled to have her aboard and she comes highly recommend as our newest but very experienced APDL


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Sacha our very own Pure Dog Listener in the southern hemisphere is a natural animal and Human communicator. Her experience  from childhood animals to vet nursing in earlier years and now children and dogs of her own.  Sacha is very sought after with her Canine Behaviour skills and understanding in the Brisbane area of Australia. So whether you need help with puppies or older dogs then do get in touch.

Sacha Offers

Dog training and behaviour in Brisbane Australia

1. 1-2-1 consultations in owners homes
2. PURE Dog Listening puppy work shops
3. Sells The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness
4. Stocks "Why Does My Dog Do That" By Caroline Spencer


0401 339 554

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