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Dog Trainer Hampshire, Dog Behaviourist Southampton - K9 Expert

Lesley Harris - Hampshire- Southampton - Winchester

I have loved and owned dogs all my life, and probably, at one time or another, have made every mistake in the book! If you feel that you are the only person stupid enough to have the particular problems you have with your dog – trust me, you are not stupid, and you most definitely will not be the only person who has encountered these problems!

This method of canine communication answered every question that I had ever asked about my dogs – and the further I traveled along the road, the more I believed that this was the right path to follow – and I am a VERY questioning person!

I am a firm believer that, if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is – but not in this case!

The good news is that Dog training the Listening way is simple!

If you are prepared to suspend disbelief that anything so simple can work – then you are halfway there! This method does require a fair amount of investment both in time and effort from the owner, and it is not something that you "do”, then forget about, because it must be practiced every day – but if you think about it in terms of learning to drive a car, it becomes clearer, and much less daunting! Think back to when you learned to drive – at first you could think of nothing but "mirror, signal, clutch, gears, etc. etc.”, but pretty soon it became second nature, and you did it without thinking – Dog Listening is like that.

I can’t tell you how liberating and comfortable it feels when your dog throws you a challenge, and instead of panicking, or scratching your head, you think "Ok, I can deal with this”. When you have the knowledge to understand why the question has been asked, the answer will be at your fingertips, and can be given in a kind and calm way without stress either to you, or your dog.

If you feel a little intimidated at this point – don’t be!

Feel free to ring me for a chat – I promise that there will be no pressure to book a consultation – you may just want to find out more about the concept, you may call and think "Not for me”, you may wish to think about it before deciding when (or if), to go further – all this is fine with me – I am happy to talk dogs all day long! The only thing I can’t promise, is to "do” a dog training consultation over the phone – it would be irresponsible, because to give a true assessment of your dog, it is essential to see him for myself, in his home environment, with his pack (i.e. you and yours!).

The primary aim of all APDLs, is to help as many dogs and their owners as we can – and we want to succeed! In order to do this, we need the wholehearted participation of the owners – so from our point of view, it is counter-productive to try to railroad anyone into a consultation until (or if) they decide for themselves that this is what they want.

I live in Southampton and travel within Hampshire to help dogs and their owners towards a better understanding and life together.

Tel: +44 (0) 238 073 1976
Mobile: 0 +44 (0) 789 983 4322
e-mail: biffandles2@talktalk.net

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Lesley has been working as a PURE Dog Listener in Southampton area for 4 years. Her feedback has been outstanding and we are proud to have her a team member.

Lesley Offers

Dog training and behaviour help in Hampshire Southampton, Romsey and surrounding areas
  1. I Conduct 1-2-1 consultations in owners own homes with their family and dogs.

  2. I Attend Country shows giving advice on Dog Behaviour and demonstrating the PURE Dog Listeners Products.