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Yet another fatal dog attack on a child.

Yet another fatal dog attack on a child. Do we blame the breed here? In my opinion the answer in no.Dog attacks occur on a too regular basis from all shapes and sizes and breeds of dogs. The deaths occur when we we forget that a dog is a potentially dangerous animal and no dog what ever breed should be left alone with a child.

As the years pass different breeds are in the lime light and these tend to be the status breed of the time. It used to be the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler.If a Chihauhau was big enough I'm sure we'd hear the same stories hitting the head lines about them.

So if it's not the breed, what is it? It's down to the way we bring them up in my opinion and that of many others also. Yes it is true that there are breeds of dogs that have a greater tendency to become aggressive, namely the guarding breeds.But the Staffie that was once named as the Nanny Dog in the wrong hands became the dog to watch out for. These little dogs were known to be the gentlest of creatures and then became the the ones to watch out for. Breeding lines changed and they started using them for fighting, the feisty ones were enhanced over the kinder personalities.

This can happen with any breed in the wrong hands.The dog in this case was a Pitt Bull Type, they have incredible jaw strength, but so do Jack Russells for their size. The difference is that the Jack Russell is size challenged, but could do just as much damage to a child but easier to remove.

I'm called out time and time again to help people with aggressive dogs. They have inadvertantly made them that way, not purposefully done it. There are dogs that have an underlying medical issue, which may have been the case in this recent horrific accident.The courts will decide. 

What we have to realize it that dogs learn in a no verbal world, It is what we do not what we say that sticks in their minds. So if we teach a dog to heel or sit etc in a aggressive manner, we force and  they learn aggression. They don't understand the importance of these human tricks we force on them or bribe them to do. It is a meaningless exercise for them. The reason I say this is,have you ever seen a dog tell another dog to heel or sit or come back when told? NO,Dogs follow the kindest dog, the one they respect the most, not the one that tries to dominate all the time, namely the bully.They learn by example, so treat your dog kindly, don't shout at it when he gets it wrong as he just sees you angry. If he gets it wrong for what you want show him gently but assertively what is required. 

Dogs are not naughty and they are not born aggressive either, nurture the loving animal inside and you will have one that is with you because he loves and respects you for being understanding and a good parent, not because he has been forced to do anything he doesn't understand. 

Dog attacks are on the up because we don't show them that these things they are wary of are not to be feared. Aggression come out of fear of loosing space,food or trophy's. We have to be mindful of the thoughts and ways of dogs so we can rub along together in a natural way. 

The ownership of Wolf Dog Hybrids is on the up, but we have not heard of any fatalities or attacks from these to my knowledge and hopefully never will. These dogs are kept by enthusiasts who understand that they have a part wild animal on their hands. These wolf dogs fascinate me and I'm soon to visit a lady who has a number. These dogs instincts are raw, wild instincts and they have a wariness of the human come a certain age. Dogs don't have this, it was breed out many moons ago.Wolf Dogs don't have the empathy for humans like domestic dogs do and the owners have to be more diligent in their handling. Unfortunately we today have now got the mindset that Dogs are capable of no harm or even not even being dogs, of being part human... we treat then as humans by putting far too many expectations of our desires on to them. 

They are dogs and they can only ever be dogs. We are humans and can only ever be humans, but we can have empathy and understanding for every living being out there. We have tried to have many pets of every variety, from monkeys  to wild cats, there comes a time when instinct takes over and they become the animal they were born to be and no longer suitable to keep at home. Dogs can be brought up to fit in with us, but it needs time and commitment and understanding.

You don't have a wild animal in your sitting room, but you do have an animal with feeling and emotions. Don't try to crush it's personality by enforcing human laws on to it,it will understand you if you give it time,guidance and empathy.

It's the easiest thing in the world to wind a dog up into a frenzy of activity, when high on adrenaline it is capable of anything what ever the breed, size or personality.

FEBRUARY 14TH, 2014 @ 11:36:11 GMT


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