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Dogs and Trust

To gain a Dogs trust is the most important part of dog ownership. For your dog to  be able to be with you where ever you are and cope with all we throw at it, whether at home or away is vital for your and their wellbeing, so that you have a stress less relationship. Trust is the greatest gift any being can give to another, but it has to be earnt. To enable you and your dog to bond there has to be an understanding that they are safe in your hands. It is also of utmost importance that for this to happen, the communication is on a level that the dog understands.

From a dogs perspective, what is the point in the sit, stay and heel. Have you ever seen another dog ask any of these from another dog? If you watch dogs whose communications skills are calm and considered, you will see they respect each others personal space, the dogs that are liked the best, will be ones that are trusted and followed, the ones other dogs respect and want to be with.

We replicate this by being kind and considerate in our communications and dog training, not demanding, not being a push over or a bribe giver of lots of treats for dogs and puppies, but one who can be looked up to as a trustworthy friend, showing love and empathy. Become a dogs best friend.

To help dogs fit into our ever changing world, which many of us find hard keeping up with at the best of times, we need to keep it simple for our best friend the dog. They live by simple guidelines and do not have an ounce of bad in their thoughs towards us, unless they have had a unfortunate experience. Sadly many dogs do not get the time required with their owners to begin to feel safe and comfortable and guided through fearful experiences that they have no idea how to cope with.

Dog is mans best friend and it is a shame that we as Man are many times not their best friend. We push them to accept so much that we take for granted. We see the world through our eyes and forget that from a dogs perspective it can look very different indeed.

Force and get used to it school of though it a sure way to break a nervous dogs spirit and to make a more fearful one aggressive. We all take different times to learn and to accept and to trust. Dogs are no exception to that rule. They are all individuals in their own rights and all with varying personalities regardless of breed or parentage.

Take time to sit, to watch to just be with your dog and see how he reacts to many things your experience together. If he wants to back away, then walk him away, listen to his concerns and don't force acceptance. It will happen, but only if he learns to trust you first.

AUGUST 7TH, 2013 @ 20:25:49 BST


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