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Dog Yoga or Doga

The latest craze is Doga, yoga for dogs. Sounds bazaar maybe, but in actual fact in my behavioural work with troubled dogs, I've been using a lot of holding and massage. It has a great benefit not only by releasing endorphins to relax you and your dog, but also increases the bond between both of you.

The great benefit in my mind is that Yoga is done in silence and you concentrate on your breathing. Thus reducing your blood pressure and pulse rate. Clearing your mind of your daily stresses and strains.

Dogs feed of how we are and what we do, many times getting wound up by our constant talking at them, words they don't understand, constant correction with the words; No, Don't Do That and so on. When you hold a dog in Doga, you do it with no vocals and by concentrating on your calm and breathing, your dog can feed of this calmness and mirror you.

Dogs mirror us all the time and learning to mirror us in this activity can have no adverse effects. In fact it has heaps of benefits for both of you. So give it a go and reap the rewards.

OCTOBER 2ND, 2013 @ 16:24:15 BST


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