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Dogs barking At Home


Dogs that bark at something passing by whether in the house or garden
Even if you cannot hear or see the disturbance you must act. When a dog is in a pickle it is what you do... Not what you say that is important when you begin. Your dog will not hear you and if you shout you’ll be seen as joining in.
If you hit him ( which is completely unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination) you are teaching aggression.

  • Firstly do not let your dog sit looking out of the window on guard duty
  • Guide him away and take him gentle to a place he can rest and log off
  • If need be you sit in a chair by the window he likes to gaze out of.
  • When your dog barks at a knock at the door or a passerby acknowledge with a word of your choosing…from anything to thanks to Bananas. Just use the word every time.
  • Look towards the window or door as you say this ( you’ve been seen to check the issue out) and guide him away if need be to another room where you can hold him calmly and then guide him to a place of rest e.g his bed. Do NOT tell him to go to his bed, you have achieved nothing! 
  • Shut the door to the room you are in so there is no access to the window or door where he reacted.
  • If you have to open the door to a visitor have your dog on a lead and guide him behind you.Or better still remove him to another room so he knows there is nothing for him to do and he wont be center of attention.
  • Ask the visitor to talk and look at you not your dog. They have come to see you.
  • If your dog is intimidating i.e. jumping up/barking/ aggressive, then he should be placed in another room anyway with no visual access to the door.
  • You acknowledge his indication and thanked him for his warning, but you can deal with the issue.
  • If the visitor is to stay , you dog can be let in to sniff them, but do not let your visitor bend down to stroke…your dog is simply finding out about your visitor.
  • If your visitor bends down to communicate with you dog he may well feel threatened and start to jump up or wet himself if he is that way inclined. So help you dog and don’t let them do it.
  • They can interact with your dog if you so wish when they call him to them. If he does not go, do not force the issue. He doesn’t have to endure a cuddle and close interaction with someone he doesn’t live with.
  • If he barks in the garden and is like a slippery rugby ball to catch, then it would be wise to have him on a 2 meter line. You’d stand on this to stop his racing around then reel him in and do as above.
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FEBRUARY 15TH, 2015 @ 19:06:46 UTC


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